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The project was part of a course offered by UBC's Creative Writing Department, with instructor Timothy Taylor. It was supported by UBC's SEEDS initiative. Additional support was offered by the Beaty Biodiversity Museum and the UBC Botanical Gardens. 


Many people walked around campus with me, sharing their knowledge and insights, or offered contributions and support from afar.  I am very grateful for the folowing people's insights, knowledge and kindness: 


Timothy Taylor, UBC Dept. of Creative Writing

Liska Richer, SEEDS program, UBC

Michael Peterson, Community Development, UBC

Dean Gregory, Landscape Architect, UBC

Kathleen Harrison, Botanical Dimensions

Douglas Justice, UBC Botanical Gardens

Nancy Turner, University of Victoria

Daniel Mosquin, UBC Botanical Gardens

Jamie Fenneman

Curtis Bjork

Pierre Johnstone, Ministry of Forests

Jackie Chambers, Beaty Biodiversity Museum

Linda Jennings, UBC Herbarium

Shona Ellis, UBC Dept. of Biology

Yukiiko Stranger-Galey, Beaty Biodiversity Museum

Eric La Fountaine, UBC Botanical Gardens

Wendy Frith

Claire Shannon

Diederik Wolsak

Austin Campbell


A special thanks to Derek Tan for the excellent design work!





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